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LadyNaija just said:

Do we really like Honesty?

Honesty being the best policy is something that has been drummed into our ears so much.I remember the Sun Girl from The Sun Newspaper. Many of the … More >

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chrisbro: nice article dear
cooljohnson99: On point

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LadyNaija just said:

Beware of people with a sense of entitlement

Some people have this really troubling and weird sense of entitlement to other people and their bodies, People like that should be on the list of … More >

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LadyNaija just said:

Why honesty is important in relationships

When committing to any relationship, serious or not, whether it is romantic or otherwise, you need to lay all your cards on the table. Do you want a … More >

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LadyNaija just said:

Why you need to learn when to say no

‘No’ may seem like quite a simple word to say but it is a lot tougher to say to some people than ‘Yes’. As a human being, especially as a woman in thi… More >

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